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Software Development


We provide a wide range of software development services: from simple to complex distributed systems.

Order of project execution
Order of project execution

We aline the order of task organization for project execution based on the needs of each specific project and the specifics of the customer's business organization.


We implement the most contemporary technologies for software development and organisation of the production process.

Our projects

Over the 5 years of work, we have accumulated extensive expertise in development of various software systems: from elementary-level to complex distributed systems.

QA Services

QA Services

We provide a wide range of software testing services: from simple to complex distributed systems.


We have experience in testing various systems and products, as well as building frameworks for automated testing.


Test plan: this document describes the entire volume of testing operations, as well as assessment of risks with options for their mitigation.

Automatization of testing

We use specialized tools to develop and execute test scripts.

Regression testing

Process of testing aimed at verifying changes in an application or environment.

Functional testing

Process of verifying the system`s behavior corresponding to the initially declared functional requirements.

Internet promotion

Complex Internet-promotion

Your website will acquire more functionality and will become more convenient, it will take first positions in the Yandex and Google search results, and will attract more users through contextual advertising and bright banners.

Advertisement in the Internet

The main goal of advertisements on the Internet is to find an interested user and convert him into a customer.

Site analytics

Analytics provide information: weaknesses and reasons for cost inefficiency; helps to correctly determine the goals of promotion, make the website simple and understandable, plan an advertising campaign and increase website traffic.

Promotion in social media

Our goal is to provide traffic increase by attracting users from social media to your website.

Website development, Optimization

We will create a new website for you, optimize the existing one, make adaptations for advertising - everything to make your website work properly and make profit.


Employees of the "DELTA SOFT GROUP" company are certified specialists in advertising systems of Yandex and Google and regularly attend educational seminars.

Search engine optimization

A competent search engine optimization provides the ability to anchor in the top positions of the search results according to the words of your subject.


Our clients are companies of various fields of activity, we work both with representatives of minor and mid-tier businesses, and with large international corporations.